Epic Loot, Casually.

Match ores to forge items, equip your guards, and battle enemies everywhere you have a modern web browser.

More than just match-3


Forgecraft combines the match-3 gameplay you know and love with an intuitive pattern system. Learn the item patterns and use your puzzle solving skills to complete levels.

Use rarer ores to craft more powerful items, and master the Active Forge system to craft advanced, rare, and epic items.

Forging can be dangerous


Fortunately, you can reserve your best loot for your Elite Guard. Keep your guards well equipped as bandits, rivals, and... more powerful enemies await you in the mines.

Explore the world of Eldarus


Your adventures will lead you through a rich and mysterious world scarred by The Surge. Discover the secrets behind The Empire's power and journey to the ultimate forge atop the crystalized peaks of The Spire.